The end of Harry Potter

I was fascinated to come across this ‘LiveJournal’ discussion about the final chapters of the Harry Potter series.  What do you think?
"…Tom Riddle is the abandoned child who never knew love, and who mutilated himself rather than try to heal himself. There is no maturity there, no mastery, no confidence, no salvation, no comfort, no real learning, nothing but the raw needs and terrors of an infant, assuaged by nothing and by no one. Unending anguish and pain, unending sorrow but no real grief or remorse.
It is Hell.
People (Christians, anyway) who think hard about the concept of Hell say that it is nothing more than existence without God’s love. They say that living people who are damned are already in Hell, they just haven’t realized it yet. The physical pleasures that can distract the soul from its nakedness are persuasive, but ultimately they vanish.
JKR once said that if people understood her religious convictions then they would be able to see the ending of the series coming. No question here: Harry, finally, is the perfect Lamb of God, who offers himself up for sacrifice without putting up a fight, although fight he could. Then he rises from the dead, and his sacrifice has protected all those he loved. He died for them, and now they cannot be touched. Ultimately the damned destroys himself, by trying to destroy that which cannot be dstroyed. "
"Yes, the symbolism of the end is quite consonant with JKR’s stated Christian belief. But it isn’t explicitly Christian, and the idea of the hero-god who sacrifices himself so that others may live, and who is then reborn, is one that crops up in myths and tales from around the world. Which is why I predicted that we’d see just such a scene. ;-)"
Neither of the writers above are Christian, so it was interesting that they saw such strongly Christian imagery in a series which so many Christians have decried as evil.  Though that’s not the whole picture; see, for example, Christianity Today.  Use the ‘comments’ feature to have your say…
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