Life …and death

This is just a quick note to say I’m still alive, though I haven’t blogged for over a month!  My excuse is that I’ve been a little preoccupied.  I’ve just taken three funerals in three weeks, and have just received the news that two others have been diagnosed with terminal cancer. 
We know that life as we presently experience it is not eternal, but the end is always a shock, and the disruption of our plans and relationships is a reminder of the real tragedy that death represents.  If it was not for God’s love in Christ, then that separation really would be final.  That disruption really would be fatal.  As it is, we are hit hard by the realisation of precisely what it is we have been saved from – and in the loss of our earthly life, what it is we have been saved for.
Life is sweet.  It is God’s gift to us and eternal life is going to be better than we can imagine.  But the reality of the goodness we experience now is God’s reality, and a foretaste of what we can expect later.  Death, that other reality, that separation and ending of life, is also a foretaste of ‘the other option’. 
  1. #1 by Arden on September 13, 2007 - 9:26 pm

    Wow! dad I didn\’t know! 3 funerels!!! yeeks!
    man you so must be getting booorrreeed!

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