Love and gifts

Last Sunday someone posted this on a website designed to allow people to share their secrets.  A gift of diamonds worth almost $US 20 000.00 isn’t enough to convince her that she is loved.

My first response was that there was something wrong with her.  She must suffer from some complex that told her she wasn’t loveable, and nothing anyone does can convince her otherwise – even the most extravagant gifts. 

But then on second thoughts, I realised that maybe there’s more to it than that.  This could be a text-book case of people speaking two different love languages, and tragically miscommunicating; he expresses (and desires) love through gifts, and she some other way; words of affirmation, perhaps. 

And then there’s the final possibility; that she really isn’t loved. 

Because ultimately, a gift doesn’t cut it.  Not if there really isn’t any love behind it.  The gift that really matters is not some rope of diamonds, but the person of the giver themselves.  This is what makes God’s love the ultimate touchstone of reality; not only does he give us gifts (talents, creation) but he also gives us himself, over and over, and ultimately in Jesus Christ our Lord. 

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