I’m baaaaack!

It’s nearly a month since I’ve blogged.  For those who regularly drop in here to see what I’ve got to say, my apologies to both of you for the long hiatus.  WHat has my time been spent on? 
Good Friday.
Resurrection Sunday.
Holiday (aka catching up on home maintainence in between bouts of beiing ill).
So, yeah, life as usual really.
The funerals were special.  Two elderly gentlemen who each left a life-time of loving Christ as a heritage to those of us who follow after.  At last year’s funerals I asked family members to give the main eulogy in most cases.  This time I opted to do it myself.  Afterwards one of our members said to me she wishes she’d known before he’d died how much she had in common with the fellow.  I could appreciate the feeling; so much of what I found out about the person was so rich and encouraging.  How can we do this finding out about one another before we get to the casket?  Maybe if we actually spent time with each other, being curious about one another and sharing about our lives?  Or is that too simplistic…?
More later about our Easter worship.  I’ve got to post some photos first.
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