Flattering contact

Dear Sarah18kq
You sent me a message from your ‘Windows Live’ account to mine here.  You were flattering, saying you’d looked at my profile, you’d liked what you’d seen and wanted to have some contact because I seemed pretty nice, maybe even cute.  You invited me to look at some more photos of you on another social networking site, and the photo accompanying your message – a stunningly beautiful young woman in a white bikini – was maybe intended as a teaser?  You asked for me to respond, so that you’d know if I wanted to chat, and we could ‘be friends’.
I deleted your message.  I did not answer.
What is in my profile that might have gained your attention?
Merely a middle-aged man.
There was a great deal on my page – but you don’t mention reading anything except my profile.

I looked at your spaces site.  There was nothing there beyond your profile photo.
What do I conclude from all this? 
That you aren’t particularly interested in me as a person.
Perhaps that you aren’t real. 
Because what did you want from me?
That I look at some more photos of you
and that I reply to you.
And that would establish that I exist
and maybe I would see some things I would rather not see.
And maybe I could then be persuaded
or enticed
into seeing some more
and maybe even paying for the ‘privilege’.
Dear Sarah18kq
Maybe I am being terribly suspiscious and unjust.  In this sort of situation I think it is warranted.  If I am wrong, I am deeply sorry.  If I’m right, you won’t be sending me any further messages, but nor will you be reading this.

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