Sin and all that.

I hate it!  I hate the fact that no matter how much I pray or others pray, no matter my determinations, protestations, explanations, I still find myself acting in ways that I know are wrong.  It’s like there’s a part of me that just refuses to be dragged into God’s kingdom.  I want to scream out with St. Paul "O, who will save me from this body of Death!!!??!"  (Check out chapter seven in his letter to the Romans).  Why does God allow me to continue to be enslaved by sin in this way, when I have so often sought his healing and redeeming power? 
Some clues.  I’m naturally a cocky, arrogant person.  I like to think I’ve got it all under control and that I understand everything (for evidence of this, see the rest of my blog!!)  Is God allowing this sin to remain in me so that I know that I’m not, in fact, the totally together person I’d like to be?  That I can’t, in fact, do it on my own?  That human power is just insufficient?  That I maybe even still need the grace of God?  Turn the page to Romans chapter eight
Glory always and only to God!
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