A confession

This webpage isn’t entirely honest; it lies (a little) by omission.
For instance, I’ve just been reading a web-page that I visit regularly, but you won’t find it in the list of web-pages down on the right of this column ("Where I’m Going on the Web").
Essentially the reason for this is that I send the address for this page in almost every email as part of my signature.  My emails go, sometimes as a mass mailout, to most of the families of our church, and a number of friends and family with children.  I wouldn’t want to send them a link to a page that has links to pages that have ‘R’ rated content or links to ‘R’ rated content.  You won’t see, for instance, a link to ‘You-Tube’ because people do post all sorts of things up there.  The pages I’ve listed are ones that I’ve checked for their links, and so I know that people aren’t going to end up in some strange place in cyber-space if they click a link in my emails.  That’s important. 
But I do want to acknowledge that not everything I read, think, or do ends up on this page.  Some things ought not make it onto a family-friendly web site.  And sometimes my life is not family-friendly.  Sometimes the things I read or see or become involved with are not family-friendly.  I don’t want anything here that I wouldn’t be comfortable to find my 10 year-old reading. 
So there it is.  This page isn’t quite complete in all its details.
And for the record, that page I was just reading?  It was recommended to me by the principal of a bible college.  It is a collection of mostly secular ‘confessions’ sent in on postcards and updated every Sunday.  Deeply moving, tragic, inspiring, banal, erotic, frighening, uplifting, comic… in a word, human.  One way of keeping in touch with what’s going on in the hearts of real people.
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