Chocolate Part two.

When I said in this entry that scientists believed that phenylethylamine is the ‘love drug’ in chocolate, I was behind the times – or at least, simply reporting what I heard some years ago.  I’ve just read an article which reports that many scientists now think that there is some doubt that this reaches the bloodstream at all, and that the pleasant effects of chocoloate are more likely to be attributable to caffeine, and tryptophan from which our bodies can produce serotonin.  There is also, apparently, another stimulant in there called theobromine, but this and caffeine can make chocolate more likely to produce migraines in those prone to them.  Poor quality chocolate has higher leels of saturated fat and sugar, making it a less healthy choice, but on the other hand, it is a good source of anti-oxidants and magnesium.  So! All things in moderation – but don’t over-do it. 
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