Ardie Bea is a ‘net name’ I use on the web to protect my and my family’s privacy, and I use it here so that if you’ve met me elsewhere on the web, you’ll know whose page this is when you get here.  Those who’ve come here from other sites where I’m known by my actual name know who I am (from those sites, anyway) and so you don’t need any introduction!  For the rest of you, I’m the husband of one fantastic wife, father of 6 increasingly extraordinary children, and now living in a small city of East Asia. Previously I was a caregiver then team leader then manager for a fantastic organisation providing supported living and accomodation to people with different abilities, and before that was a pastor of a small and very beautiful church in a little town in Aotearoa / New Zealand. I’m an amateur photographer, and you can see my images posted on the right of this page. Clicking on them will take you to my Flickr account where there are a few more available for viewing.

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