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Drunk and Disorderly No More

Do you remember this episode (“Drunk and Disorderly”)?  Well he turned up again yesterday. On a beautiful, shining, new Triumph motorbike.  Sober.  For the second year running (as of August 8th). With a completed qualification and a job.  God is still in the miracle business!  For nearly a decade he plagued us (and we plagued him!) with his drunken antics, his hidden (stolen) bottles of meths, his outbursts of abuse and ocassional violence, and the tragedy of a lovely life dribbling out his trouser leg. 

I baptised him at his request shortly before I left the country for a year, fully expecting him to be dead when I returned.  In my absence he had a wonderful experience of God’s healing and got sober enough for long enough to get a house, a job, a dog, and a girlfriend.  He was attending a recovery church and had started studying for a qualification.  Then all the wheels fell off – the house burned down, the dog had to be put down, the girlfriend left him.  Which lead to the incident I described from two years ago.  It was just a few days after that that he got sober for the last time.  He hasn’t needed to do so since. 

I love God – because he loves my friends so much better than I ever could.

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